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Illustrations note XII, p.

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Other books in this series. Atlas of Liver Pathology Anthony W.

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Atlas of Bone Pathology Shi Wei. Atlas of Mediastinal Pathology Saul Suster. Atlas of Lung Pathology Chen Zhang. Atlas of Intestinal Pathology Hector H. Back cover copy The spleen is an organ which has diverse functions including immunologic and hematologic.

Tumors of the Lymph Nodes and Spleen

Review Text From the reviews: "This is a color atlas describing normal, neoplastic, and non-neoplastic spleen pathology. The purpose is to provide high quality illustrations and descriptions of spleen pathology to aid in recognizing, understanding, and accurately diagnosing spleen pathology. This is a good reference for practicing pathologists as well as pathology residents.

This is a great companion or quick reference for quality images of spleen pathology. Overall, it is a much-needed guide with quality images of an otherwise rare pathological specimen.

Atlas of Spleen Pathology | Dennis O'Malley | Springer

Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology. Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology reviews the histopathology of nodal diseases, illustrating the use of Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology reviews the histopathology of nodal diseases, illustrating the use of ancillary studies and includes concise discussions of pathogenesis, clinical settings and clinical significance of the pathologic diagnosis.

The atlas features an overview of the benign Challenging Cases in Pulmonology. From acute respiratory diseases to chronic lung conditions, pulmonology is a vital area of clinical From acute respiratory diseases to chronic lung conditions, pulmonology is a vital area of clinical medicine. Due to a wide array of respiratory diseases, clinical presentation of pulmonary conditions can be complex and oftentimes challenging.

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