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Laptop computers have gotten ridiculously portable, which is great news for people who want to work from anywhere. Services such as Dropbox and OneDrive make it easy to sync your documents and files to the internet.

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Some people use cell phones. LibreOffice isn't an option for them. For those people, the cloud based software like Microsoft's and Google's is a workable tactic. I haven't used Google Sheets for a while. I'm assuming that you can set it up to open XLS files on a phone. I could be wrong. You make some fair points. I just got the impression that you were advocating that people should think "Gee, we have all these free Microsoft services, why would anyone ever want to install LibreOffice?

Virtually all are recent - looks like people are better at writing chess books than they used to be.

Chess Books

Personally, I have been going through Yusupov and highly recommend his series. I've gone through Silman's Amateur Mind and recommend that. I also recommend his Endgame book for some light reading at the beach. The Zurich 53 book you mentioned I have looked at in the past and is excellent. When you open that link, you should get a FIDE page containing a number of other links: xls, pdf, and zip.

You have to open or download those links. I suspect most people are just opening the newest xls file with either Microsoft Excel or the freeware LibreOffice Calc. Thanks as usual for your help. I did click on "class" but I don't think it worked.

Chess Analytics: Training with a Grandmaster

I try again. Good Chess Books for Beginners and Beyond Sep 15, Are these not good chess books? Sigg79 wrote: I was thinking the same, but I find it strange that all game collections have the level 'K'. Sep 16, The Zurich book is simply awesome. I'm learning something from almost every game. Sep 17, Sep 18, Thanks for posting the list. Jul 15, Log In or Join. In every period of your life you do things which suits you.

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Although I wrote my first book when I was 18 years old and I started training the youth national Greek team when I was 19 years old. I was just stronger than the others, and I was asked to help the members of the team. When I was a professional player I could make a good living by playing but suddenly the prizes became so small that it made it undeserved to play professionally.

When recently I saw the winners of the European rapid and blitz championships holding the cards with the amount of their prizes, I could not believe it. Was it pocket money?

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At the times when I played it would be a starting fee. As a coach you can have more stable life. The most important period for me was when I worked in Turkey creating the program which resulted in the 6th position of the Turkish team in the World Chess Olympiad These guys were kids when we started working together, and they were already Grandmasters when I left them. It was great what they achieved by today, if you consider the situation with Turkish chess in Rook handling and generally speaking endings constitute one of the most fascinating elements in chess.

Rich in both tactical and strategic possibilities, they offer us the opportunity to marvel at its endless creative potential and unique ideas. Of all chess endings pawn, queen, rook, bishop and knight , rook endings are the ones encountered most frequently. DN: Lately there has been a great talk of Chess as the future of chess, what is your opinion about it? Did you play it? EG: No future at all; it is already dead.

DN: Can you play Blindfold games, and what is your opinion of blindfold play? EG: Any GM or IM can of course play, so the answer is yes; the question is on how many boards which is unknown to me, as I never tried too many. It is mostly an exhibition and training tool and can create some positive advertisement for our game as well. DN: How far do you trust the computer evaluation of a position? DN: If one side is attacking and the other side defending, who needs to calculate more?

Beginners' Openings and Tactics - GM Varuzhan Akobian - 2013.01.13

EG: No question — both! If the position is balanced, then the one who does it better, wins the game! Extreme Calculation Training.

Plus 50 interactive examples to test your knowledge. EG: Intuition and judgment are the products of constructed quality education. Calculation is in high need, but your education helps you to understand what you have to calculate. There are of course positions where only calculation counts as for example opposite-castling positions and this might create time trouble. Every game is different.

DN: What is your advice for a promising young player Elo category? EG: Get a qualified coach and follow him!

Chess Analytics - Training with a Grandmaster - Efstratios Grivas

Study and play a lot. He should work daily, discover new things, and never think he has learnt enough. If we expect from our students to get better we have to get better too. This is what separates the coach who is devoted to this profession from the one who makes this job formally. GM Grivas with one of his latest books, surrounded by his wonderful chess library, and trophies.

DN: Do you have any advice for senior players in the range? EG: Primary you have to enjoy the game.

Age and potential health problems are not of a help to become better. But still, if you can devote time with a qualified coach, things might happen. DN: Now I'd like to ask you some questions about your books, because I know you are a prolific author. How did you select material for your own books? EG: First the idea is created. Then I try to describe the skeleton of the book and I am searching for relative examples in ChessBase, books and the internet, which is extremely helpful today. Sometimes I am asking help via Facebook.

Chess Books

Before ending the interview, I'd like to show the other book from Grivas which I thought was worth studying. Like Grivas mentioned, there are no secrets for improving in chess, hard work seals the deal. The following position, coming from a real game played in , shows the power of the bishop. Try it against the engine:. EG: Playing forget it — I already did it more than 10 years ago! I am too old and quite unhealthy to produce anything worth of seeing today! Nowadays I am a coach and an author and this is what I can do.

Well, first of all two years ago I broke my hip, falling in my bedroom what a shame! Then I had to face once again my birth-problem of a wrong aorta valve and had to replace it with a mechanical one in November , together with two bypasses.