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We would like to thank those authors and publishers who kindly gave permission for copyright material to be used in the Collins Corpus. We would also like to thank Times Newspapers Ltd for providing valuable data. A dictionary helps you to find out what a word means and how to spell it correctly.

The words in a dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order.

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Think of the first letter in the word you want to look up. Once you know this, there is more than one way to find your word in the dictionary:. Scroll through the Index until you find the letter your word begins with, then look down the words until you find the one you are looking for. You can then follow the link to the entry in the dictionary. Follow the link to the letter your word begins with, then look through the entries in this letter until you find the word you are looking for. After the headword there can be other forms of the word, such as plural nouns, verb tenses, and comparative and superlative adjectives.

The part of speech tells you what type of word the headword is, such as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or pronoun. Some entries have a related word, such as a noun, adjective, or adverb made from the headword. This tells you a little more about the word or how it is used. NOUN an animal with a soft body and no backbone. Snails, slugs, clams and mussels are all molluscs.

There are two es in different. Word Wizard is a special section after the A-Z to help you with your writing. It contains information on things like parts of speech, prefixes, suffixes, and punctuation. It also tells you how you can improve your spelling. There are interesting facts about where some words come from. It even has information on shapes, numbers, fractions, and angles, along with pictures. The Earth and Space is a fact-filled section with colourful pictures.

There are also pages showing you the flags of some of the nations of the world. A is used when the next sound is a consonant: a car, a dog. An is used when the next sound is a vowel a, e, i, o or u : an apple, an elephant. VERB If you abandon someone or something, you leave them or give them up for good. NOUN someone descended from the people who were living in Australia before the European settlers arrived. VERB If something absorbs liquid or gas, it soaks it up. VERB 1 If you accept something, you say yes to it or you take it from someone.

NOUN If you have access to a place, you may enter it. If you have access to a thing, you may use it. VERB 4 To account for something is to explain it. VERB If things accumulate, or if you accumulate things, they collect over a period of time. The i comes before the e in achieve. NOUN 1 a chemical substance.

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