Cognition, Vol. 9, No. 1

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International Journal of Automotive Technology , 19 4 , Nanostructure and burning mode of light-duty diesel particulate with conventional diesel, biodiesel, and intermediate blends. International Journal of Engine Research , 18 , Experimental study of the gaseous and particulate matter emissions from a gas turbine combustor burning butyl butyrate and ethanol blends.

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Applied Energy , , Chung-Hsuan Huang, Victoria M. Bryg, Randy L. Atmospheric Environment , , Randy L.

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Vander Wal, Victoria M. Bryg, Chung-Hsuan Huang. Chung-Hsuan Huang, Randy L.

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Partial premixing effects upon soot nanostructure. Combustion and Flame , , Jaramillo, JoAnn S.

Soot oxidation-induced fragmentation: Part 1: The relationship between soot nanostructure and oxidation-induced fragmentation. Isabel C. Jaramillo, Chethan K.


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Desires provide the engine for evolution

Fuel , , Vander Wal, Vicky M. Combustion and Flame , DOI: Pair your accounts.

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However, in a top-down move, Akihiro Wada, the executive vice president for research and development, ordered the high target of a two-fold improvement. In the summer of , the basic G21 concept was approved, but it was not until it was decided later that a concept vehicle would be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in the autumn of that the hybrid approach entered the picture. A decision was made to give the concept vehicle a hybrid format because a hybrid offered the prospect of doubling fuel efficiency. But from the autumn of , when development of the motor show concept vehicle was started, and into the winter, a major change occurred in the corporate atmosphere within TMC.

Desires provide the engine for evolution

As a result, it was decided to go for a hybrid format for the production version as well. Thus, rather than centering on engine improvement, the project had shifted focus to the adoption of a hybrid system. The upshot was the completion in the autumn of of a prototype model that was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show and which used a capacitor as the electricity storage device.