Cognition, Vol. 9, No. 1

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What shapes environmental responsibility perceptions? Measuring value orientations as a predictor of situational motivations and communicative action. International Journal of Strategic Communication , 13 3 , Overton, H. Examining the impact of message frames on information seeking and processing: A new integrated theoretical model.

Journal of Communication Management, 22 3 , Xiao, A. Examining the impact of value orientations on CSR evaluations and expectations among U.

  • Law and Justice in Post-British Nigeria: Conflicts and Interactions Between Native and Foreign Systems of Social Control in Igbo (Contributions in Comparative Colonial Studies).
  • Classroom Bullying Prevention, Pre-K-4th Grade: Childrens Books, Lesson Plans, and Activities.
  • Journal (+Pics) 10/18/ Holly Garden | Writing Nature.
  • American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House?
  • Diary of an Angel;
  • Festive trees make spiny leaves to ward off nibblers.?
  • Holly Leckenby Rye.

Public Relations Journal, 11 4 , Harrison, V. Calling all volunteers: The role of stewardship and involvement in volunteer-organization relationships. Public Relations Review, 43 4 , Yang, F. What motivates the public?

The power of social norms in driving public participation with organizations. However, Aeneas Bastian, director of his eponymous gallery with venues in Berlin and London, was relatively unfazed when he was invited to sit for Warhol as a child.

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