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However, neither of these mechanisms alone can explain the ability of suspensions to generate very large, positive normal stresses under impact. To illustrate the phenomenon, such stresses can be large enough to allow a person to run across a suspension without sinking, and far exceed the upper limit observed under shear or extension 2,4,6,7. Here we show that these stresses originate from an impact-generated solidification front that transforms an initially compressible particle matrix into a rapidly growing jammed region, ultimately leading to extraordinary amounts of momentum absorption.

Using high-speed videography, embedded force sensing and X-ray imaging, we capture the detailed dynamics of this process as it decelerates a metal rod hitting a suspension of cornflour cornstarch in water. We develop a model for the dynamic solidification and its effect on the surrounding suspension that reproduces the observed behaviour quantitatively. Our findings suggest that prior interpretations of the impact resistance as dominated by shear thickening need to be revisited. To produce significant shear or normal stresses, current explanations for the hardening observed in driven suspensions all require some confinement, via the presence of walls or boundaries.

In models based on liquid-mediated formation of particle clusters 3,8 , the clusters need to percolate between the shearing walls 9 , and in models treating dense suspensions as granular, frictional fluids 4,10,11 dilation must be counteracted by confinement, similar to "shear-jamming" 12 in dry, granular systems. The upper limit of normal or shear stresses under steady-state shearing is then set by the stiffness of the particles or the boundary, whichever is more compliant 4,13, A jammed packing behaves effectively like an amorphous solid, and we can consequently make dense suspensions switch between fluid and solid states by perturbing their boundary conditions.

  • Discontinuous rate-stiffening in a granular composite modeled after cornstarch and water.
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Direct visualization of a dynamic jamming front. The colours indicate the velocity in the suspension. Dense suspensions can be prepared arbitrary close to the jamming point. A strong perturbation through, for example, an impact, can result in local jamming and consequently the formation of a jamming front the propagates through the system.

The image above shows such a jamming front in a quasi two-dimensional system. The propagation speed of these fronts is much faster than the impact speed and becomes faster as the initial state gets closer to the jamming point. Publications: [1] I. Peters, S. Majumdar, and H. Jaeger, Direct observation of dynamic shear jamming in dense suspensions.

Peters and H. Jaeger, Quasi-2D dynamic jamming in cornstarch suspensions: visualization and force measurements.

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Soft Matter 10, [ pdf ] [3] E. For a thought experiment, suppose our null hypothesis is that no swelling occurs. Since this density value is well outside of the range of measured values for cornstarch density 1. This is another observation that supports the finding that cornstarch volume increases from adding water. We guided the disk with a chute located above the container, which has photoelastic gelatin boundaries.

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The disk had a diameter of We tracked the impactor using a circular Hough transform at each video frame, and numerically computed the velocity refer to Supplementary Information for additional information and photoelastic data. Flat-punch indentation experiments were conducted with a TA instruments RSA III microstrain analyzer and indented with a 8-mm-cylindrical flat punch at two displacement rates, 0.

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Packings of cornstarch in water and ethanol were made by adding solvent into granular cornstarch. In the case for water, we mixed the water and first allowed it to be absorbed. Experiments were conducted after the mixture settled into granular packing. For flat-punch contact mechanics calculations, we used a standard rigid cylindrical indenter into flat plane scenario:. Afterward, 7. This concentration is not crucial—it is only important to include enough boric acid to crosslink all of the PDMS.

Native PDMS used in flat-punch test was prepared in a similar way. Approximately 6.

Physics of the thixotropic solution

The Code that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. The source data underlying Figs. Lim, M. Force and mass dynamics in non-Newtonian suspensions. Brown, E. Dynamic jamming point for shear thickening suspensions.

Lee, Y. The ballistic impact characteristics of Kevlar R woven fabrics impregnated with a colloidal shear thickening fluid. Hasanzadeh, M. The role of shear-thickening fluids STFs in ballistic and stab-resistance improvement of flexible armor. Feys, D. Why is fresh self-compacting concrete shear thickening? Res 39 , — Barnes, H. Shear-thickening dilatancy in suspensions of nonaggregating solid particles dispersed in Newtonian liquids. Cheng, X. Imaging the microscopic structure of shear thinning and thickening colloidal suspensions. Science , — Bi, D. Jamming by shear. Nature , — Fall, A.

Macroscopic discontinuous shear thickening versus local shear jamming in cornstarch. Wagner, N. Shear thickening in colloidal dispersions. Today 62 , 27—32 Foss, D. Structure, diffusion and rheology of Brownian suspensions by Stokesian dynamics simulation. Woodcock, L. Origins of shear dilatancy and shear thickening phenomena.

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Smith, M. Dilatancy in the flow and fracture of stretched colloidal suspensions. Peters, I. Direct observation of dynamic shear jamming in dense suspensions. Nature , Han, E. Shear fronts in shear-thickening suspensions. Fluids 3 , Measuring the porosity and compressibility of liquid-suspended porous particles using ultrasound.

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