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Environmental policy - the organization states its intentions and commitment to environmental performance. Planning - the organization analyzes the environmental impact of its operations. Implementation and operation - the development and execution of processes to realize environmental goals and objectives.

Environmental Management System (ISO 14000)

Checking and corrective action - monitoring and measurement of environmental indicators to ensure that goals and objectives are met. Management review - review of the EMS by the organization's top management to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

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Continual improvement - An EMS enables an organization to control the environmental impact of its activities, products and services by establishing targets and objectives related to identified environmental management goals. Gap Analysis This is the review of the company's existing program to determine the changes the company needs to initiate in order to conform its environmental management system to ISO requirements. Initial Implementation Implementation of an ISO EMS requires a company to: Develop an implementation strategy including selecting a registrar if the company is going to seek third-party registration.

Update or redesign documentation written policies, programs, procedures, forms so that they align with ISO specifications.

1. Introduction

Train personnel and communicate with other parties as needed to implement the revised EMS, and Develop measuring, corrective action, internal audit and management review procedures if not already in place. Pre-Registration Internal Audits Many registrars prefer a company to do at least one full cycle of internal audits and management review prior to seeking registration. Ongoing Implementation Becoming registered is not the end of the process. Efficiency, discipline and operational integration with ISO Greater employee involvement in business operations with a more motivated workforce.

Easier to obtain operational permits and authorizations. Assists in developing and transferring technology within the company. Helps reduce pollution. Fewer operating costs. Savings from safer workplace conditions. Improvements in the product as a result of process changes. Safer products.

Is ISO certification really good to the company? a critical analysis

Minimizes hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Conserves natural resources--electricity, gas, space and water with resultant cost savings. Prevents pollution and reduces wastage. Demonstrates to customers that the firm has met environmental expectations. Meets potential national and international government purchasing requirements. Delivers profits from marketing "green" products. Provides a competitive marketing tool. Improves international competitiveness.

Improves the organization's relationship with insurance companies.

ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards: Engineering and Financial Aspects

Elimination of costs associated with conformance to conflicting national standards. Process cost savings by reduction of material and energy input. Helps reduce liability and risk. Improved access to capital. ISO certification will enhance the ability to provide the written documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with regulations. Demonstrates a commitment to governmental authorities that the firm is moving beyond compliance and pursuing continual improvement.

Preferred government supplier status. Reduces monitoring and reporting requirements.

Communicates evaluation and acceptance by an accredited, third party professional organization. Negates "conflict of interest" claims associated with organizations that "self-declare" the status of their programs.

Validates the integrity of an organization's claims. Provides organizations with an un-biased review of their programs, policies, etc Addresses the requirement to compete in international markets. Check: monitor and measure processes against the policy, objectives, targets, legal and other requirements, and report the results. Act: take action to continually improve performance of the management system. Certification can be an extremely valuable asset to organisations. It can enable them to attract more clients, generate higher revenue, and build better customer confidence.

In addition to this, some organisations require businesses to be certified to management standards in order to win tenders. We specialise in assisting organisations with developing and implementing management systems which put your business on the path to becoming certified. Our 8 Step Process is designed to give clients the most efficient turnaround time whilst delivering service second to none.

As a leading provider of consultancy services we cover a wide range of disciplines including safety compliance, quality compliance and environmental compliance across high-risk industries. We work with high risk industries including construction, manufacturing, aviation, professional services, healthcare, and transport. Although, if a Management System is designed to fit into the existing operations of the business, and with input from the expected staff who will be using the system, then you will start seeing improvement.

Depending on the type of Management System and what standards it is designed to comply with, you can expect the following improvements:. These are some of the benefits of a Management System although there are many more that an organisation can achieve if it adopts the system into its core operations. Have a question? Contact Compliance Council on or enquire online. Call Today Make an Enquiry. Select Section. What is ISO ? ISO is the international standard for designing and implementing an environmental management system.

What is ISO 14000?

With the most recent version of the standard updated in — commonly referred to as ISO — this internationally recognised standard is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Do: implement the processes. Benefits Accreditation with ISO proves that your company approaches environmental issues seriously and that the sake of the environment need not be sacrificed for financial gain.

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Industries affiliated with this standard ISO is applicable across all industries.