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The concerns. Network parameters. Loss ratio. Overview of the basic mechanisms on IP. Standard router.

Management, control, and evolution of IP networks /

QoS router. Policing and marking. Queue management.

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Quality of Service: Mechanisms and Protocols. QoS and IP. The stack of IP protocols. QoS on IPv6. Processing in routers. IntServ services. How an IntServ router works. The RSVP protocol.

The disadvantages of IntServ. The DiffServ model. Service classes. DiffServ advantages and disadvantages.

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MPLS architecture. MPLS label and classes. MPLS routes. QoS at level 2. QoS with ATM.

  • Management, Control, and Evolution of IP Networks?
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QoS with Ethernet. QoS with wireless networks. Chapter 4. DiffServ: Differentiated Quality of Service. Principles of DiffServ. EF Service. AF Service. DiffServ in edge routers. Data part. Chapter 5. Quality of Service in Wi-Fi. Performance degradation. Support for speed changes. Distributed approaches.

Centralized approaches. Summary and conclusion. Chapter 6. Quality of Service: Policy-based Management. Introduction to policy-based management in IP networks. Architecture and protocols for policy-based management. The COPS protocol. Chapter 7. Inter-domain Quality of Service. Motivations for the use of mobile agents to offer inter-domain QoS. Control of inter-domain QoS parameters.

Negotiation of inter-domain QoS.

OSI and TCP IP Models - Best Explanation

Inter-domain SLA. An architecture for inter-domain negotiation.

Easy Handling of Sensors and Actuators over TCP/IP Networks by Open Source Hardware/Software

Mobile agent advantages. Interaction protocol between the client and the ISP. Interaction protocol between two ISPs. Generation of policy rules. Control of IP Networks 1. Introduction, Guy Pujolle. Inter-domain Quality of Service, Mauro Fonseca. Part 2. The Evolution of IP Networks 8. An introduction to evolution in the world of IP, Guy Pujolle. Internet security, Vedat Yilmaz. Security protocols for the Internet, Idir Fodil. A secure infrastructure for the pervasive virtual office, Laurent Ciarletta and Abderrahim Benslimane. Security based on smart cards, Vincent Guyot.

Video adaptation on the Internet, Nadjib Achir. Voice over IP, Guy Pujolle. Wireless voice over IP, Laurent Ouakil. Part 3.