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Professional Pilot´s Career Guide

P ilot careers are lasting much longer, and pilots are retiring later than they retired in the past. Annual flying hours and work-related demands are constantly increasing. It is crucial, now more than ever, that professional pilots maintain not only their medical certificates, but also optimal physical and mental health both during, and after their flying careers. Fitness to Fly focuses on prevention by providing guidance to pilots on how to stay healthy, thereby minimizing the need for interventions involving licence restrictions.

Planning Your Pilot Career Progression

Recent research in the science of preventive medicine has demonstrated that following appropriate recommendations on health maintenance can be expected to significantly reduce the number of medical problems experienced during a career. The guide recognizes that background knowledge and interest in the subject of maintaining and improving health varies considerably from one individual to the next.

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It is structured so that those who wish to quickly learn how to avoid the main causes of ill-health, can read the summary at the end of the guide for a brief overview. Those who desire more detail will find that reading the entire guide provides a comprehensive look at all the major issues affecting fitness to fly.

Each chapter ends with a section on the relevance to aviation of the condition under consideration. Chapters are written for pilots, in their language, giving proper guidance without judgement. ICAO can customize the publication and provide bulk order options for air operators.

We take you to the skies. Train with us to become a professional pilot.

Additionally, this guide can be distributed through the electronic flight bag EFB , allowing pilots to access the reference material without carrying hard copies with them. A healthy lifestyle helps to ensure that professional pilots pose a minimal risk to safety and their fitness to fly from the beginning of their careers until they retire.

What kind of pilot do you want to be?

In short, this can be accomplished by:. The earlier the risks are identified, the more effectively they can be addressed, and the better the results will be. Today I share my top 10 airline pilot travel hacks with you. It all starts with the right suitcases and bags.

Travelling light and efficient is one of the quickest ways to make your life super easy while Continue reading. How much does an airline pilot earn?

Professional Pilot's Career Guide by Robert P. Mark

Is it worth it to take an expensive pilot loan in order to become an airline pilot? These are some of the most asked questions I receive. In this article I will answer these questions and tell you everything about the real pilot salary of an airline pilot. I would like to start Continue reading.

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