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But you've gotta give me some reason to root for them. This guy? I'm not saying he was a villainous, horrible person! I didn't like him very much. He was a cookie-cutter version of every emotionally retarded hero ever put on paper. And I was not all that impressed. I mean, it was still a decent book, and I was entertained enough to finish it, but I was pretty underwhelmed. Thing is, I had such fond memories of this book! I think it's gonna take me a while to get over the disappointment. View all comments. Feb 03, Dina rated it it was amazing Shelves: dik , historical-romance. I just loved these books!

Brodick Buchanan was a secondary character in The Secret that had "hero" tattooed on his forehead, so I was more than happy when I found out that Ransom was "his" book. He was the typical alpha hero and we all know what happens when this kind fall in love.

Highlander's Ransom

They fall hard and forever, but not always have the grace of acknowledging the fall, LOL. Brodick was just like that, and it was funny to see him trying to deal with it. When he told Gillian that she loved him , I giggled like a schoolgirl.

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And when he tricked her into marrying him, I laughed like a lunatic. That was one short-lived Big Misunderstanding I had no problem with. I was married on a horse? I doubt Brodick would get away with his antics in real life but he just turned out to be one of my favorite heroes in Romancelandia. Gillian was perfect match for Brodick.

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She didn't need to be coddled, which was refreshing when it comes to heroines in Romancelandia. Not that she was harsh or anything like that, she was just strong and independent. And yet, once she fell in love with Brodick, she wasn't afraid to admit she needed him to make her happier and she enjoyed talking and sharing her feelings with him. If I have a minor quibble about her, it's her behavior near the end of the story, when she almost drove her uncle crazy with her crying over Brodick: it was a bit out of character but, all things considered, it didn't bother me much.

It did make me smile imagining her uncle's "suffering". Why hadn't Gillian been killed by the villainous Baron Alford?

Was Gillian's sister truly alive? How did Gillian and Alec meet considering how prisoners are supposed to be kept isolated? So many questions Thankfully, everything started making sense soon enough and there was no stopping after that.

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Great story! There was a secondary love story involving Ramsey Sinclair, a friend of Brodick's who also appeared in The Secret , and Bridgid, a member of the Sinclair clan. It was nice, funny but underdeveloped. Ramsey and Bridgid were very interesting characters, their few interactions were funny and entertaining, and I think they deserved a book fully dedicated to telling their story.

I didn't get to see the build-up of their relationship, especially on Ramsey's side, so it was kind of disappointing to see their HEA crammed into Brodick and Gillian's. This was a long book pages but, frankly, it didn't feel like it. It was filled with romance duh! A true keeper! View all 52 comments.

Not only did it include the secondary characters I loved but also gave me a hero and heroine I could fall in love with and a romance over which I could swoon. Like The Secret , this book focuses on the overall plot rather than just romance. Fortunately, the love story and chemistry between Brodick and Gillian more than makes up for it. Interestingly, it was a five year old "wanna be Highlander warrior" name Alec the son of Iain and Judith from The Secret who stole my heart and the story. He was endearing, inquisitive, and adorably obnoxious with his continual questions of "you know what?

Brodick and Gillian were strong and likable characters. They complemented each other perfectly and their chemistry radiated off the pages. I found myself eagerly looking forward to their heart-warming and witty interactions. Brodick is a hero to swoon over.

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He was my favorite male character in The Secret. I had a feeling that once I read Ransom , he would become my all-time favorite Julie Garwood hero.

And boy was I right! He's your true blue alpha hero, with all the strengths and weakness that encompass that aggressive but admirable personality. I was grateful that Julie Garwood kept Brodick, regardless of his feelings and love for Gillian, true to his character traits throughout the book. She's a fabulous and endearing heroine. The secondary character in Ransom were simply amazing. They were as captivating and richly developed as the two main protagonists.

The scenes between the soldiers and the heroine made for some of the funniest and endearing moments in the story. However, I was a little disappointed with their HEA.


It felt abrupt, rushed, and somewhat out of place. They really should have had their own story. View all 58 comments. Shelves: aar-topromance , historical-romance , medieval , owned-copy , scottish , part-of-a-series , favorite-or-autobuy-author , family , favorites , challenge-factory-challenge.

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Another book I thought I had read. Boy was I glad that I didn't. Read this for the Julie Garwood group read, and it was delightful. Julie Garwood books are definitely comfort reads. She understands why we read romance, and one of the reasons is we want heroines who we can root for, that we fall in love with just as much as the heroes. Her heroines have this tangible sweetness that makes me want to hug them, root for them, and to fight with and for them. Gillian is no different. My heart hurt for Another book I thought I had read.