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Earlier in the film he talked about how the highest form of technique would be to have no technique but to let your body react without thinking. Seeing as a few members have their styles listed as "The art of fighting without fighting" they should know. Adam , Jan 8, What he means by allowing your body to react without thinking is that he felt a fighter's actions should be reflexes not conscious decisions. By having a clear mind, you wont hesitate and you'll be faster and more fluid. Its actually an awsome philosophy. If you're interested, check out the Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

Thokk , Jan 8, No mind boxing. El Tejon , Jan 8, There's a book called the art of fighting without fighting on kazaa, it's a good read Cain. Cain , Jan 8, I'm pretty sure he meant not wasting yourself fighting if it wasn't really necessary. Hence how he proceeded to trick that guy into going out on the rowboat. Tireces , Jan 8, BryanX , Jan 9, I think it means just taking the crap out and leaving in the bare nessicities.

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No fancy junk just stuff that works. Its a mean to an ends basically.

The Art of Fighting without Fighting

Do what works with minimal effort along with reflexs that require no thought just action. Sort of relevant?

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That is that you drill in some "standard" responses to "the crossing of the sword" where the swordblades make contact That situation have several potential outcomes, depending on where your opponent goes from there, and you haven't time to actively think abount the teqnices, they have to come on reflex.

Stolenbjorn , Jan 9, I think you guys are confusing meanings of two different quotes here.

Bruce Lee - Way Of The Intercepting Fist and The Art Of Dying

For an example of this, look at when youre driving a familiar route. Do you put conscious thought into what you're doing?

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Probably not. That quote is referring to one getting so experienced that fighting is as intuitive and thoughtless as scratching an itch. I've even experienced it in a video game a sign I played one in particular far too much. I was fighting my brother in it one day, and after an entire 5 minute game, I had no clue what I'd done at all, but looking at the scores, I'd massacred my brother.

Meanwhile, throughout the whole thing, my mind was on this particular bag of doritos, a flavor I'd not had in some while, and how much I was enjoying it. Nevertheless, my brother was beaten very badly.

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I think the score was , and in this particular game, averaging one knockout a minute was phenomenal. Not to mention only getting knocked out yourself one time. Tireces , Jan 9, Thokk , Jan 9, Argie originally came to Xen-Do in her on-going hunt for a fitness activity that had, as she put it, nothing to do with her work. She wanted something different, an activity that would give her the opportunity to burn off some stress, get her blood pumping, and give her a sense of accomplishment. Seven months of steady training saw her ascend to the Red-White belt, which opened up a new facet of Martial Arts training for Argie: sparring.

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