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But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Main focus Today, telecommunication infrastructures are usually not properly protected against unexpected events or crisis situations. SAN aimed at resolving several fundamental shortcomings of modern wireless communication systems: The inability of direct communication between the equipment of different users, even when the link quality between them would allow transmission at high bit rates The need to guarantee system performance in complex radio planning The need to connect nodes and base stations in cumbersome fixed infrastructures, and thus the inability of rapid deployment required in many scenarios disasters, military actions, etc.

Approach The SAN project encompassed the whole LTE stack from bottom to top, leading to the integration of all these techniques in a demonstrator and the assessment of its performance: Methods and algorithms for radio interface control, e. Network and upper layer techniques, e. An integrated SAN prototype system, for demonstration and evaluation purposes. Rodoplu and T. Subramanian, H. Gupta and S. Tang, G. Xue and W. In this context, we did an exhaustive survey of unicast MANET routing protocols proposed in the literature. Qualitatively, based on their primary route selection principle, we show that all these protocols could be placed under one of two broad route selection categories: routing based on minimum-weight path and routing based on stability.

In addition to the primary route selection principle, we also identify the underlying routing metric and the routing philosophy proactive, reactive, flat, hierarchical, location-awareness, power-sensitiveness and multipath capability adopted by the different routing protocols.

We believe the survey can be a great source of information for researchers in ad hoc networks. Agarwal, A.

Ad Hoc Networks

Ahuja, J. Singh and R. Aggelou and R. Basagni, I. Chlamtac, V. Syrotiuk, B. Bellur, R. Blazevic, L. Buttyan, S.

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Capkun, S. Giordano, J-P.

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Hubaux and J-Y. Chang and L. Chiasserini and R. Clausen, P.

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Jacquet, A. Laouiti, P. Muhlethaler, A. Qayyum and L. Corson and A. Corson and V. Perkins, Chapter 8, pp. Devarapalli, A. Selcuk and D. Dube, C. Rais, K-Y.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Routing Protocols

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The Handbook of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks - CRC Press Book

Karp and H. Ko and N. Kranakis, H. Singh and J. Kuhn, T. Moscibroda and R. Lee and M. Li and L. Liao, Y-C. Tseng and J-P. Lin and I.

Adhoc Sensor Networks - Introduction, Difference between Cellular and Adhoc Wireless Network

Manoj, R. Ananthapadmanabha, and C. Marbukh and M. Marina and S.

Security for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Meghanathan and M. Misra and S. Paul, S. Bandyopadhyay, A. Mukherjee and D. Gerla, and X. Perkins and E. Ramasubramanian, Z.