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Scar Tissue. Reckoning A Memoir. Then It Fell Apart. Kate The Kate Moss Book. It can be confusing, difficult, overwhelming. We are talking about overhauling your self-image, not just your body.

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You could possibly cure a lifelong disease that you have struggled really hard to learn to live with. I have experienced and understand that myself. Psychologically, it tends to be worse for women than for us guys because of the societal pressures placed on women to look a certain way. When change happens, it can be a significant shock. JS: Good call.

Joe and I know several excellent people who specialize in helping their clients overcome emotional hurdles on the way to finding their Tao. JS: Yep, we let everyone know that the first step on the path to finding your Tao is getting your mind right. JG: By adjusting how you perceive yourself, right?

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Instead, you may catch yourself wincing and cringing but more likely because of their silly Paleo jokes. I wish my teachers were that good and that funny in high school. Learning would have been a lot more fun. All of that to say that they will teach you about the central tenets of Paleo the same way a good friend would do, but in a laid back way, the Tao dude way. The Tao of Paleo dudes: Joe and Jason.

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One of my favorite feature is the self-created characters they insert in most chapters to introduce a concept or make a funny point about something that you might not understand otherwise. For example, Gary Graniak is introduced to help you understand why grains are not healthy for you; Claudio Cardiovasquez is the muscle-bound guy that believes he needs to kill himself working out; Terrence Trevailleur rushes in as the stressed out overachiever that loves square dancing; Wilma Wired needs to learn a few things about sleeping or she will climb the walls and crash; Cecilia Supplementarian is the borderline psycho predator stuffing herself with supplements; Claudette Carbonara is the Italian zaftig beauty learning about the negative side effects of excess carbohydrates; scary Hit man Vince Vegan gets protein exorcized; Albert Adiposian of Armenian descent is learning a few greasy facts about fats, saturated, unsaturated, trans fats and cholesterol; finally, in walks in Paula Paleoista, the High Priestess of Paleosity, to share her perfectly-honed ancestral wisdom with us mere mortals.

All this to say that they manage to teach you in their own way about food, exercise, play in the sunlight and rest.

New E-Book! The Tao of Paleo - A Holistic Approach to the Paleo Lifestyle!

They educate you on carbs, fats, protein and supplements. They also remind you about the softer side of Paleo: breathing, meditation, and feelings. After all of this theoretical knowledge, they offer you practical lists and templates to make your transition into Paleo easier.

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